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Image by Duy Pham


Know people? Have friends and family?

If you answered YES! then you are the perfect candidate to be a Group TRAVEL Leader!

What is a Group TRAVEL Leader? Simply the person who gets everyone on board to take a trip together!

Whew! That sounds like a lot of work! It doesn't have to be. That's what TRAVEL WELL is here for.

We work with the Group Leader to take care of all the details and keep track of everyone and everything.

All you have to do is pick the place, the dates, and the people and we will do the rest!

There may also be extra perks in it for you as the Group Leader!

Let's connect and see what TRAVEL WELL can do for you. You may be surprised!

Examples of Groups

  • Family Reunion

  • Class Reunion

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Corporate Sales Meeting

  • Girlfriend Getaway

  • Bridal party trip

  • Knitting Club

  • Book Club

  • Square-dancing Group

  • American Dolls Group

  • Homeschooling Co-op

  • Sports Team

  • Any group of people that has something in common or a common interest

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