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What is Adventure and Expedition TRAVEL and how is it different?

It's a question we get asked often. Here's a little insight.

Adventure TRAVEL

You could say Adventure TRAVEL is defined by the Traveler themselves.

How is Adventure TRAVEL different than 'regular' travel?

It's usually off-the-beaten-path or maybe includes a thrill or something out of your comfort zone. It can encompass your entire trip or be a specific activity during your trip. 

Your entire trip may be an adventure or you may add a Bucket List activity to your time.


  • Safari in Africa

  • Horseback riding to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

  • Zip lining or ATV riding in Costa Rica

  • Ring Road in Iceland

  • Kayaking or swimming with whales

  • Dog Sledding in Alaska

  • Sleeping in a castle in Ireland

  • Sleeping in a Yurt in Mongolia

  • Riding camels in the Sahara

  • Seeing polar bears

  • Chasing the Northern Lights

  • White water rafting

Expedition TRAVEL

The definition of Expedition TRAVEL is more specific.

Is is defined as a journey undertaken by a group of people with a definite objective.

A 2018 article in Travel Weekly defines Expedition TRAVEL as "exploration or travel to remote exotic areas…in which travelers interact with local populations and connect with their core values. An expedition leader once described the experience as “letting the trip take you, rather than you taking the trip.”

Expedition TRAVEL is often sustainable TRAVEL as well.


  • Antarctica Cruise

  • Alaska land expedition

  • Galapagos Islands

  • Manchu Picchu trek

  • Artic Cruise

  • Australia's Outback

  • Trekking the Andes

  • Floating the Amazon

  • Tracking gorillas

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

  • Biking across France

  • Building houses in the jungle of South America

    • TRAVEL With A Purpose is also a great way to SEE YOUR WORLD and contribute to the lives of the vulnerable.​

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